Hi everyone, I’m Maryanne!

OUR TRIP IS SO SOON! This is my fifth year with Global Glimpse and my fourth time traveling. My first time to Costa Rica with Global Glimpse was right after the pandemic and a shorter and more covid strict trip but amazingly unique. I’m excited to go back to this beautiful country with a new group of students and a more open world. Every trip is a new time to grow and learn.

I am a social studies teacher at Williamsburg Prep High School in Brooklyn. I’ve taught every grade in my soon-to-be nine years at the school. During my time at WP, I’ve taught 9th and 10th-grade Global, 11th-grade U.S History, and started our Black History Course (soon to be AP African American Studies) along with a college prep class, “One Goal” to seniors. Anytime I get to talk with students about their personal histories and experiences is the highlight of our class time.

To me, both Social Studies and traveling are all about learning new things and hearing about the lives of new people in different places. Global Glimpse perfectly allows me to combine the two, and I look forward to sharing that with all of you student leaders.

During the summers, I’m always somewhere that’s not New York if I can help it, but this year I bought my first house! That means staying local and stateside except for this trip. Although it’s not my usual jet setting, I’m pretty proud of my home-owning moves. While I love to explore new places and cultures, the worst/best part of every trip is leaving, but then it’s all made better by coming home to my dog, Harry. He’s my baby, and I can’t wait to talk to all my dog-loving Glimpsers. One day, I hope to hit all seven continents, but right now I’m enjoying all the stops in between.

For all students on their first trip abroad – I’m excited to see that moment when you catch the traveling bug. For those students who have been abroad before – I’m excited to see how connecting with local people changes your view of the world. I think we’ll all learn, laugh, and grow together. It’s going to be great!

See you soon!!!