Today was our second work day on our CAP (Community Action Project). We started today with our usual breakfast at La Primavera, then headed over to Carlos Garbay. Our LDD’s (leaders of the day) had to work extra hard today as it was our GGLs’ (global glimpse leaders) day off. We finished up two of our three projects before lunch, and spent the rest of the day repainting the basketball court, scraping and spackling some walls, and painting more arrows. Thanks to all of our hard work, we are mostly finished with the project and even started doing some additional work that we hadn’t planned to do. We had lunch at noon and all celebrated how much work we got done. Afterwards, we continued our work and finished the basketball court. We cleaned up and headed back to La Primavera to rest after all we accomplished. We had 2 hours of free time before dinner and celebrated with a game of soccer and a picnic on the field. Today was our final dinner at La Primavera as we near the end of our trip. We ended our very successful day with our nightly meeting and passed the torch to the next LDD’s. Now we’re heading off to bed for our final day of CAP tomorrow.

Big love!