My name is Jennifer and I’m one of your GG leadersĀ for this trip! I’ve been involved with Global Glimpse for a few years now; I started as a Program Coordinator in Granada, Nicaragua, and I have been coming back each summer as a GGL! I deeply trust the programs that are created each year, and I know that every one of you will carry something back home after this trip is over.

I was originally a pharmacy major in undergrad, but I’ve ended up in a PhD program for linguistics. Along the way, I taught English in Chile, backpacked through Bolivia and Peru, experienced Nicaragua, and explored a little of Costa Rica and Panama before landing (back) in Ohio. Feel free to ask me about any of that when we meet in person! I’m very happy where I’ve ended up, as languages and multilingualism have always been areas of interest for me. As for the future, I hope to spend some time in Spain to gather data and further my studies and understanding of the world.

This will be my first time in Ecuador, and I’ve heard so many amazing things! I’m excited to learn more about indigenous worldviews and to see the natural beauty of Riobamba. Let’s keep our minds and hearts open to new experiences!

Extra tidbits should any of these resonate with you:

  • I like growing plants, among which are an avocado plant (mini-tree?) and a coffee plant
  • Casually (very casually) learning to play bass guitar
  • Involved with Fair Trade organizations
  • Barista and latte art, I really enjoy coffee shops
  • I speak a bunch of languages