Hey everyone, my name is Roxanna or Roxy 🙂

I am 17 years old, Mexican, and Salvadoran. I just graduated from Academy High School in San Francisco, and I’m going to City College in SF. One of the things I want to do in life is a volunteer and help out in my community and in other places I can. My goal in life is to become an OB-GYN and someday open my own clinic in another country to help women and kids who don’t have the same access we do to healthcare. In my free time, I love going out with my friends, stay at home mostly doing puzzles, play games, and… scroll on TikTok like everyone. Anyways… Excited to meet everyone!  Still super scared of traveling alone for the first time without my family and with no phone! But I’m sure everything will turn out great and we will all have an amazing experience !!!