Hey everyone!! My name is Anthony (he/him) and I’m super excited to try a whole bunch of new things in the two weeks we’ll be together. I’ll be a senior next school year at Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment (BASE for short) so I’m stoked for that too! I’m really interested in photography and graphic design, I’ve done a lot more of them in the last couple of months.

I like playing volleyball and badminton, also basketball is fun but I’m good or bad when it comes to basketball. I just finished watching The Dropout on Hulu and it’s 10/10 for me, definitely would recommend if you like dramas. The Cleaning Lady is also really interesting so far, I’m going to try to finish it before we leave for DR.

Speaking of DR, I’m super excited and I think that’s all I have so I can’t wait to see y’all at the airport on Sunday! <3