Hello Students and Fellow Staff,

My name is Brian Thelen, and I’ll be one of your Global Glimpse Leaders if you are traveling from Chicago to Jarabacoa on June 20th.

I’ve been working with Global Glimpse since the organization first came to Chicago. I’ve always been excited by travel, so GG’s efforts to empower high school students on their first trips really strikes a chord with me. My favorite part about working with Global Glimpse is the organization’s commitment to mixing travel with study and service.

I am a long-time English teacher at Hinsdale South High School. In my free time, I read books, drink coffee, eat cookies, and get to the gym when I can. Beyond that, there’s lot of travel. For years now, my goal has been to spend 10% of each year outside of the country, and I’ve been hitting that goal. This will be my first trip to the Dominican Republic, and I can’t wait.

Looking forward to having some enlightening adventures with you all this summer. Talk to you more soon.