Hello everyone! My name is Kyle, and I use he/him and they/them pronouns in English, and in Spanish, I use el and elle (a somewhat new, gender-neutral Spanish pronoun). I’m so excited (and a little nervous) to meet all of you and go somewhere totally new! I am really looking forward to learning a new culture and making awesome memories in the DR. I hope we can do some bachata! It will also give me a chance to practice my Spanish and learn to live with a roommate. As for myself, I am a rather eclectic person. I like history, languages, and want to study Political Science in college. I also like anime, drawing and animating, fashion, music, going to concerts, and dying my hair in really bright colors. Some of my favorite music artists include Stray Kids (Kpop), Fail Safe (a local punk band from my area), Molchat Doma (Russian Alternative/Indie), and My Chemical Romance (Emo). The picture that you see is me at a punk festival from a couple of days ago! I can’t wait to meet you guys at the airport on Monday! Until then, adios!