Hi Glimpsers,

My name is Akeem Ajani and I will be one of your two Global Glimpse Leaders (GGL) traveling with you to Riobamba, Ecuador. I grew up in a two-country household, My dad is from Nigeria and my mom is from New Orleans. So, growing up, my house was bicultural, so I got to see and learn what it was like to be from another country. I have actually been to Nigeria 3 times which created my love for traveling. I am an Academic Counselor at Pittsburg High School. I have traveled all across the world. Just to name a few, I have lived in Nigeria, Dominic Republic, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Belize, and Thailand.

I became a GGL  because I have a tremendous love and passion for international travel, as well as planning and assisting trips abroad with high school students for the sole purpose of developing and broadening appreciation of various cultures. It is going to be life changing and I am so thrilled that you all get to experience this expedition.

Things I love:

  • Anime
  • Cooking/Eating
  • Watching all kinds of movies
  • Music

Some recommendations & tips (as you prepare for your trip):

  1. Passport (make sure you have your passport ready and not expired).
  2. Study & practice your Spanish.
  3. Read about our destination to learn about the culture, people, weather, etc (this helps familiarize yourself with our destination).
  4. Get excited!!!!!

Reach out if you have any questions or need anything in preparing for your adventure. I cannot wait to travel with all of you this summer for an unforgettable experience.