20160703_121115What an amazing day!!!

We had the lovely opportunity to meet and learn about Nicaraguan culture from two amazing people. Don Alberto is a famous artist in Esteli who lives on a mountain in a tiny shack. The students all agree that he is the happiest person they have ever met. He lives alone and spends his days carving beautiful sculptures into the rocks on the mountain. People come from far and wide to hear him speak and see his artwork. We endured a rigorous hike to view the many carvings and Honduras from the top of the mountain. “I think the hike really pushed me to be more determined,” Said Joli. She was ecstatic to reach the top of the mountain. Our team did a great job of encouraging one another and walking with those who were in the back.

The next person that we got to meet was Tatiana. She is a dance instructor in Esteli who visited us to teach us traditional Nicaraguan dances. The ladies were excited to wear traditional skirts and learn the footwork. We got to dance salsa, bachata and polka. “Tatiana was very fun and energetic. She brought liveliness at the end of a long day” Said Angie the awesome bachata dancer. We were so happy to learn about these aspects of Nicaraguan culture. After a long day we are all excited to rest up for the next fun filled day.

Stay posted for our next adventure!