Dear parents and friends,

Today we traveled from Quito to Riobamba, we got to rest a bit in the bus. Once in Riobamba we got to settle in La Primavera Hostel, what’s going to be home for the rest of the trip. Students played games and had fun in the green areas. Today we have learned a lot about the culture and history of Ecuador and Riobamba. We had an awesome city tour that allowed everybody to see some of the coolest and most important places of the city. We had a type of ice-cream that is very typical from Riobamba, it is called Helado de Paila. Que sabroso! Highlights of the day had been to get to explore the city, see people dress in their traditional outfits, and have time to get to know each other and nicely bond as a group.

Tomorrow, our very brave first leader of the day Keilana will be posting!