Hello parents, friends and curious ones!

My name is Marijus Briedis. I am a program coordinator of Estelí 2 (E2C). I was a leader of the day today! I want to share a little bit about it.IMG-20160726-WA0003

From start to finish the second day in Estelí has been as colorful and exciting as Nicaragua’s history. We started the day at 7:00 AM with a wake up call. And just to make sure with another one at 7:30 AM. The group dressed and made their way over to Buffet Estelí where we had our breakfast! After breakfast we headed back to the hostel for our academic seminar on the history of Nicaragua.

Nicaragua has a long history that spans the separation from the Spanish crown in 1821. The rise and fall of the dictator Somoza orchestrated by the Sandinistas. Ending the story with the current tensions around the proposed canal financed by a Chinese billionaire.

The group then toured the city and learned about the history and politics of Nicaragua through a local museum and art collaborative in Casa de Cultura. At the art collaborative the group received art lessons, a primer on Nicaraguan politics from our special contact a local muralist, and had the opportunity to create their own pieces. After the art we had dinner and wrapped up the day with Nightly meeting and BIG LOVE shout outs to the entire group.

It was a good day and as coordinator and a leader of the day I am very happy to have such an amazing group!

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!