Hey Everyone,

This is Brayan Torres, Program Coordinator and Program Manager for San Cristóbal, and today’s Leader of the Day!

We had a really interesting day today, a lot of walking, new information and we got to meet the Ambassadors. We stared the morning very energized with a the Show me your move ice breaker, we definitely have talent in our group! Afterwards we got into warm up our brains with a Culture and Safety seminar. Our morning started a little slow but it was good so we could save all of our energy for what was coming after lunch, on that note lunch was the super delicious and (should be) world wide known Chicken Cordon Bleu made by the CONAMUCA staff, its was so good that most of us got a second round!

After lunch we got into our bus ride to San Cristobal, our Ambassadors Maxwell, Nechi, Anderson, Edison, Javier and Ernesto were waiting for us in our first stop. Our Glimpsers were really excited to meet them and even though everyone was shy at the beginning, it was just matter of time for everyone to start talking and asking questions. In pour first 2 stops we learned about the History of san Cristobal and how this little province its been so relevant for the country.

After visiting a luxurious Hotel where Trujillo used to throw big fancy parties and stood up at the Constitution monument, we walked to Jose Venturas AKA El Hippie’s house and museum “Jamas al Olvido se ira tu recuerdo”, he is a well know and eccentric collector from San Cristobal, we heard from first hand stories about Trujillo, but what was more impressive is that we touched pieces of Dominican history like a finger of the actual statue of Trujillo demolished after his dead, we got to see the pay check signed by him paying the external debt to the US, and many more items.

Our tour continued under a sunny and very loud atmosphere, San Cristobal is a big town with the aspirations of a Big city, luckily our Ambassadors helped to cross the busy streets and to share the must to go places downtown.

We ended our tour at Piedras Vivas park, where originally was located the house of Trujillo’s mother, and he build this park from stones coming from all over the country, (that’s why the name comes from Stone = Piedras Live= vivas). Also shout out to Flora for getting a well deserved Ice Cream to all of us.

After we said “hasta luego”  to the Ambassadors we drove back to CONAMUCA and we finished our day learning how to be a great Leader of the day and reflecting about today’s adventure.

This is all for today! Stay connected with our adventures and stories!





A message from August:

Jacob, it’s been 10 days since we bought the geckos crickets and cleaned the cage. Ms. Laura is coming back the 11th and the girls might lay eggs soon