What a day!

We started off having delicious breakfast with juice, bread, fruit, and eggs. Then we proceeded with a culture and safety seminar to go over some protocols to make sure all students know what to expect. During some free time, some students made time to play a little soccer, volleyball, and kick the ball around to get some energy going, while others rested.

After lunch, we were given the opportunity to tour the city. We met our lovely bus driver, Don Fernando, who safely drove us downtown and picked us up right on time. During the city tour we got to see some parks, learn about Riobamba’s many firsts, as well as eat some delicious ‘cholas’ (sweet bread filled with sugarcane).

Upon our return, we had some well-deserved free/rest time and then made our way to self-reflections where we discussed our first impressions of Ecuador and compared it to the US. We also discussed some challenges we may face and how we plan to overcome those.

Dinner was delicious (as per usual) and ended our evening with a “nightly meeting” to summarize our day and introduce our new Leader of the Day (LDD) for tomorrow, Kevin!!! We know he is going to do a great job and you will hear from him tomorrow! 🙂

Note: Shoutout to Paco for giving us the tour and sharing the history and information about the city. And shoutout to Nacho for being a great example of an LDD for the students.

Cheers to a great day!