Today was another great adventure in Riobamba. We woke early to start our day; We took the ten-minute walk to Roma Santa Restaurant, where we had all our meals. The cook Isabel and her son Gabo greets us with warmth and smiles, making us feel like we are part of their family. We look forward to the meals they prepare with great care. Today we stepped out of our comfort zones and tried something new. While at the restaurant, we could taste fresh goat milk, and Isabela added a hint of coffee syrup to make the milk more appealing.

Finally, we returned to the hotel and were briefed on the day’s activities. Today’s theme was History and Culture, where we learned about the colonization of Ecuador and that Riobamba is known as the city of the first fruit. We learned the Spanish conquered the Incas, and through colonization, many traditions and languages of the indigenous people were lost. We were asked to be mindful of the impact this loss has placed on the people of Ecuador and that as we toured the city, we pay attention to the many different aspects that make up the community of Riobamba. As one student stated, lost history or not knowing where you come from is like a tree without roots. Our delegation agrees that this sentiment may be true but has found that the people of Riobamba are resilient in holding onto customs and traditions that can be seen in how they interact, speak and dress.

In the evening, we picked our new student leaders for tomorrow’s activity which is “Education” we have included some pictures of the day and look forward to sharing this adventure with you when we return home.