We finally made it to Constanza today! Glimpsers are quite happy to be here and we can tell by the look in their faces (also from the actual comments we heard from them). Today was History day so we went through a seminar that introduced glimpsers to some highlights in regards to Dominican past times, and then we actually got to see what Constanza looks like on our City Tour (which besides of showing us where’s the best place to get a milkshake, also covered many historical facts related to certain buildings and local people). The tour showed the different faces of Constanza, from its fire station to one of the schools, from the main square to the baseball field… which, by the way, is where we finished.


However, something very important, glimpsers were not alone on this tour. Our wonderful group of local youth ambassadors showed up at the hotel and gave each one of them a friendship bracelet right before heading out to the tour. They are going to be very present during the whole trip, specially during English Tutoring Lessons since they’re part of the teaching teams.

Tomorrow is Culture day and Ben, one of our GGLeaders, will be the Leader of the Day [El Líder Del Día] so, stay tuned because tomorrow he’ll let you know what we prepared for our glimpsers.

That’s all for today, everyone is having a great time and we’ll make sure to keep it that way until the end.