City Tour: We had a city tour today. We visited lots of cultural places. Nacho surprised us by arranging horse and carriage rides from to and from each stop. We visited la inglesia la merced, Central Park (parquet central), la calle calzada, lake granada, convent del San Francisco. Then we had a presentation by Don Fernando at Casa de los tres mundos. Don Fernando loves to share his knowledge and passoin for the history of Nicaragua. He is an architect who has also spent much of his time maintaining the history and culture of Nicaragua by preserving the integrity of original buildings. He has a desire to obtain a leadership role in government.

In the afternoon, the PCs surprised the group with ice cream at the local ice cream shop. It was creamy and yummy!

Some students have experienced some minor discomfort, mostly from fatigue and the heat. We are monitoring everyone closely and hydrating them and providing lots of TLC.

Starting tomorrow, our blogs will be written by our Leader of the Day. Stay tuned!!