We are finally in Leon, yay!!!! 🙂 . We arrived in Leon around 11am. Since today it was a national holiday here in Nicaragua, everyone had the opportunity to see all the buses heading to Managua and all the people getting ready to celebrate the 34th anniversary of the revolutionary war.

One word to describe how the day went today will be: Wow!!!!. Great energy from the entire group. It has been a long day, still everyone was really enthusiastic and energetic. Also, last night even after they had this really long flight they were very open and positive with the situation, I just couldn’t ask for anything else.

We completed all seminars and then we went for a walk around the city. We got to learn about Nicaragua’s history; facts and great stories that took place in the past and we reviewed today.

We enjoy going through the murals history. We also had the opportunity to visit the Cathedral Basilica of Assumption, which was declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011. Everyone liked seeing this great structure, they were all really respectful and showed a lot of interest in finding out as much as they could about the cathedral general information.

Is great seeing how everyone is getting to know each other, sharing different opinions, being respectful, enthusiastic and very interested about learning more from a different country, its culture, people, history, just to mention a few great things we had the opportunity to experience today.

I’m really excited to see how we all grow with this experience and to hear more from each one of the Glimpsers and GGL’s. They are all great and it’s just awesome to be able to share this experience with them.