Wassup everyone! It’s Alex and Jamie here! We began our day at 9:45 am at Rio Grande after a two-hour delay with contractor problems. However, we were able to push through and find a new one and began our CAP (Community Action Project) project today. We spent our time sketching paintings for a mural and in addition to starting the mural, we also began to restore a greenhouse for the kids at Rio Grande’s school.

At the start of our day, we spoke to community leaders and teachers at the Cecaini school and then officially started the project.

Before we began working on the greenhouse, we scoped it out and saw what work had to get done. After seeing the damage, we came up with a plan then discussed what materials were needed and what should be replaced. With the help of community leaders’ guidance, the old wood will now be repurposed and relocated to make room for the new structure we are building. The process was long, sweaty and there were surprisingly no tears. :):)

Through a similar process at the greenhouse, we saw what work needed to be completed and started sketching the stages of an orange plant. Shout out to everyone’s favorite friendliest glimpser Eugene and one of Global Glimpse’s funniest people Ethan. Last but certainly not least, the amazingly talented Yazmin. All are pictured here:

This was just the first day of many working on the project! As the day slowly began to end, we became the best leaders in GG history. We developed leadership skills from this experience, and it has now helped us become more passionate about working as a team to accomplish a common goal.

To be continued…

Big Loves: Eugene, Yazmin, and Larry aka (Larry the Lobster)!!!

Jamie shout outs: I think I ate all the sugar canes mom 🥲

Alex W shout outs: Thanks for still making me go on the trip Dad, I loved it and kinda wish I didn’t have to come back LMAOOO. See you soon!! Love you!!