Our first official day in Leon has finally come to a close. We started with our first wake-up call from Noel (our Site Manager), and we got ready to go to breakfast at el comidor. Once our bellies were full, we were ready for our first academic seminar. Charlie and I helped students learn about the history of Nicaragua through a challenging events card sort and understanding corruption reading an essay about the current president, Daniel Ortega. This was Charlie’s first time facilitating a seminar and she did great! After, we headed out in the heat for a 2hr city tour. It was super hot and humid, but we persevered and drank lots of water. Below are some of the pictures of the great things we saw – Lots of churches, the biggest cathedral in Nicaragua, a mausoleum that appreciated those who fell for the Sandinistas, a beautiful mural of Sandino, the Museum of Revolution, and Poets’ Park. We then had a wonderful buffet lunch, and then some free time to chill, since the city tour was a little exhausting. We’re not used to the heat yet! In the afternoon, we had a wonderful speaker spit some knowledge about Ortega and how corruption works in government in Nicaragua. It’s so fascinating how he is able to stay in power for so long! After dinner, we had our nightly meeting and our first self-reflection time where we had the opportunity to further debrief all the great things we learned from today about Nica history and politics. Tomorrow’s leader is Charlie, who will be writing the next blog post! Stay tuned, and keep up those comments! (I read yesterday’s out loud to the whole group and everyone ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM!!! Thank you and big love to you all!)