Day Two! Today was full and exciting!

After a 7am wake up and a hearty breakfast students returned to the hotel for their first academic seminar.


Powerful discussion took place about how history affects the future and how different countries impact each other socio-politically.

Next was a walking tour of Jinotega. Highlights included the university, the park in the town center, the church, and the locally made popsicles.


After lunch we had the honor of meeting, Doctor José Rizo, the Ex Vice President of Nicaragua!! Students had a conversation with Senor Rizo in his spectacular home which he has transformed into a museum/hotel. Students had great questions prepared and carried themselves as leaders. We all loved the fruit trees laden with tropical fruit and the room of awards and recognitions from all over the world.IMG_1157IMG_1187IMG_1170

It doesn’t end there… Jinotega’s world renowned coffee and our groups’ endless enthusiasm carried us through a packed evening! At Estereo Libre (radio station) the students greeted the town of Jinotega over the air waves. Our Spanish speaking students answered questions about global glimpse and then every student shared “hola me llamo…”

Nicaraguan enchiladas were a huge hit, followed by the nightly meeting and self reflections. Students wrote in their journals by candle light, contemplating the days discoveries and how history and politics play a role in Nicaragua and the world at large.IMG_1206

Tune in for more updates tomorrow and feel free to comment!