Dia 2! Today was such an amazing experience. We all got a good sleep and woke up energized and excited! We started our day with a delicious breakfast Gallo Pinto, Huevos, Maduro,  Queso Fresco y Tortillas. We hit the streets of Esteli and got accustomed to the community surrounding us. We walked down the main street that is full of shops and vendors and got a sense of place and direction. Once we made it to the Parque Central (The Plaza), we found it very interesting that it was packed with people using the cities free wifi. In front of the Parque, the Cathedral stood beautifully against the cloudy sky as Sunday mass took place. We also visited a really popular mural named “La Mujer” that was inspired to help conserve the environment. There are murals everywhere in Esteli celebrating the history and future of a proud people and country. The students started to feel the humidity and their tired legs but were thrilled by the ice cream surprise (called an “Eskimo”) from our program coordinators, Tania and Erik. THE ESKIMO WAS SOOOO GOOD!! After we made it back for lunch, we had a discussion about the historic events that happened in Esteli to learn some very important background. This continued at the “Centro de Cultura” (culture center) to meet with our guest speakers that fought in the revolution of the city/country and shared their personal stories and knowledge. It was such an inspiring and insightful presentation; the glimpsers were attentive and asked great questions. We then headed back to the hostel to being preparing for our English Tutoring sessions we will be giving to the locals of Esteli during the next two weeks. We brainstormed and got our lesson plans ready and the next thing you knew it was dinner time. Per our new tradition, we held the Nightly Meeting and reflected on the day. The torch was passed to the next “lider del dia” (leader of the day) who told us a couple jokes and then presented our schedule for tomorrow. We are now hanging out and playing card games before we have to get ready for bed. Tomorrow is going to be great cant wait to see everyones comments! We miss all of you.