Hey, this is Vania Sitruk, one of your Global Glimpse leaders this summer. It’s already July and we are counting down to the 31st! Hope you’re just as excited as I am to experience what Nicaragua has to offer and learn as much as you can about the history, culture and people of this Central American country.

Who am I? I am a high school teacher with French, English and Spanish certifications. I have taught all subjects at various points in my 17 year career. I am currently a French teacher at Horace Greeley HS in Chappaqua, NY. I love what I do and have shared this passion with my students throughout these years.

In keeping with my love for language and culture, I am also an avid traveler. I am fortunate to have visited many countries around the world personally and with my students. I have taken my students abroad to Europe where together we have used our language and cultural knowledge to enhance our experiences. I love observing my students make connections between the classroom and the real world. I believe you all will be making such connections on our trip.

The best part of traveling abroad is talking to the people who live there. That’s why this program will be a great experience for us all. Although I’ve visited some countries in Central America, Nicaragua will be very new for me.  Just like you, I will be experiencing this amazing country for the first time. I can’t wait to see what adventures we will have on this trip together.Version 2