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Jackie and Nicaury with little boy Ezequiel, visiting Maguana´s community.

Jackie and Nicaury with little boy Ezequiel visiting Maguana´s community.

We are Jackie Broussard (Site Manager) and Nicaury Batista (Program Coordinator), your San Juan de la Maguana team!  We are very excited for your arrival to this beautiful city, to share with you our passions and accompany you on your journey of cultural understanding and self-discovery.

Jackie is from Louisiana, but have lived in Oakland, CA for the past 8 years  and Nicaury was  born and raised here in DR. We are really excited and can wait until you guys get to San Juan. We together with the wonderful communities have prepared lots of great things to make sure you have a meaningful and amazing experience.

This summer is going to be AWESOME!

Our main advices are to come with an open mind, MUCHA ENERGIA and ready to see places and people you might have never meet unless through this trip. Also be ready to teach and learn from others who may never have the chance to know what you know. And last but not least be ready to HAVE FUN!

Sunset at San Juan de La Maguana near Yayas de Viajama, Azua.

Sunset at San Juan de La Maguana near Yayas de Viajama, Azua.



As we all prepare for this amazing experience, we would love to know what you have been up to! How are you getting ready for your trip? What are you most excited about?

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