Hello Global Glimpsers and families,

My name is Liz Villalobos, I am one of your Global Glimpse Leaders. I am excited to meet all of you! I am looking forward to getting to see you grow during the 16 days we have together in Turrialba, Costa Rica.

This will be my second trip with Global Glimpse. I traveled to the Dominican Republic in 2019 and I loved how inspiring the experience was for myself and students. I do want to say that this trip is like no other, I’m sure you’ve heard this but I will say it again, it is not a vacation. It was tiring but rewarding! So, be ready to go on this new adventure and to grow as an individual and a global citizen.

I, myself, have traveled to many places in the US as well as international. There is one country in particular that I can call my second home – Mexico. Both of my parents were born in Mexico and growing up I was fortunate enough to travel every summer for a month-long period to visit family. I am proud to say I am bilingual and as a Spanish teacher for 10 years now, I thrive in teaching, learning and exploring my language and the many cultures that embody it. Aside from traveling to Mexico, I have traveled to Cuba, Panama, Dominican Republic, Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria. On my free time at home, I love to do cross fit and yoga – these are my stress relievers. I also enjoy gardening (when this Chicago weather permits it), hiking and running outdoors.

I am recently married, have 3 cats, and was born and raised on the Southwest side of Chicago. I have my bachelors and masters in Teaching of Spanish from UIC. I have worked at Westinghouse College Prep for 10 years and bleed green and gold.

I cannot wait to get to know you all soon! We will be speaking soon, and seeing you all on July 9th!

Saludos (greetings),

Liz Villalobos