Hi everyone! My name is Grachelle JenTo and I go to John Swett High School in a super small town of Crockett here in the Bay Area! I’m sorry that this is such a late post since we’ll be leaving tomorrow and I am super excited! But I did go to SF last Saturday and it was so great to meet some very awesome and interesting new people!

Anyway, here is a little bit about myself: if you went my school you would know that I am a total band nerd. I play the saxophone, *Tenor!* and I play percussion! I am also totally in love with theater. I also really hate scary movies but my favorite show is the “Walking Dead”. Daryl and Glenn are just super awesome! I really like to swim and occasionally play basketball with my brother.

I am really looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow! I’m really excited to experience a new culture and at the same time make some new friends. I’ll see everyone tomorrow!


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