Today was a very special day because today we started our CAP! CAP stands for Community Action Project, and in collaboration with the other GG (Global Glimpse) delegations, we are working to build an outdoor bathroom and multipurpose facility at the local Aquiares elementary school for the members of the community. This way, the student facilities are not damaged or dirty. We really got our hands dirty and spent a lot of the day digging trenches to lay down piping and groundwork. It was hard work, but truly so rewarding and fun! We’re extremely proud that we got to connect to the community in the most intimate way possible. Getting to understand why hard work is the heart of everything here is pretty amazing. We faced some unexpected curveballs today, such as working in the rain and having to cut our work short due to a downpour, and working with fewer people than originally planned. This forced us to be flexible and more aware, and we felt genuinely so happy getting into our work. We had our Spanish speakers help us with direction and delegation as they translated our awesome supervisor, Omar’s, instructions.

After digging for a few hours, we had a delicious lunch at the school and enjoyed the company of the school animals: Bonni the dog and Raul the cat. Although it took us a little while to find our groove and get started, we found our rhythm and really worked as a cohesive team. After a long day of hard work, it was so rewarding to see the progress we made. The day ended in the most perfect way possible, getting to talk to our loved ones at home. A smile was put on so many faces. We were so happy to talk to our loved ones and share all the awesome parts of today. After taking some downtime and eating dinner, we did our nightly meeting and shared our talents. Lyns awesome talent was teaching the group how to sleep on command, and Kaanchi’s was singing a little song for the group. Overall, today pushed us in every way, but we felt so proud of our work and are so excited for the next two days of our CAP. Big love <3.

To Amma, Appa, Shanku, and Tara – I love and miss you loads. Shanku, you would love the butterflies here, Appa you’d love the coffee, and Amma you’d love the flowers. Thinking of you xx – kaanchi

I love everyone here and I’m having a good time! Missing you guys <3 – Lyn