Today was a very early start to our wonderful, productive day. Today was Community Day, and I was blessed with the honor of being the Leader of the Day for the group. Although I didn’t do my talent during the passing of the torch last night, I was still proud to show my peers my leadership skills. We woke up at 6:30 am today and ate breakfast at 7:00 am. After our morning seminar to talk about the day ahead of us, we got into our transportation for the day and headed to Sonido del Yaque. When we arrived at Sonido del Yaque we met our host families that we would be with for the majority of the day. Many of my peers had a great experience with their host families and many of the host families opened up and talked about how they grew up in their community for years and how much they love it. Lunch was at noon, and we had amazing food that our host families prepared which consisted of sancocho, white rice, and a vegetarian option for those of us who have dietary restrictions. We all gave “Big Love” to our host families for having us before heading back to our hotel.  We had a bit of free time when we got back and played card games and volleyball before getting ready for the nightly meeting with guest donors who were visiting to get a taste of the Global Glimpse experience. During the meeting, we talked about our day,  and shared our “roses, thorns, and buds”. My peers were given the chance to give “one plus” and “one wish” they had for me as their Leader of the Day. My peers were very sweet and kind about it, and our GGL also gave me one wish and one plus which was also very sweet. I then passed the torch to our new Leaders del Dia, Emma and Santiago. We then had our self-reflection and had dinner which was mashed potatoes, yucca, chicken tenders, salad, and tamarindo juice. For the rest of the night, we enjoyed free time.