Hey Everybody! I’m sooooo excited to meet every single one of you and I can’t wait to go on this epic adventure to Nicaragua together!

But first, let me introduce myself: My name is Wenting Hu. I’m sixteen years old and this coming school year, I’m going to be a senior at Lowell High School in San Francisco.

My favorite color is blue (although grass green is giving it a run for its money) and my favorite food in the whole wide world is pho. I love pho so much…

Now there are five things in this world that I love the most:

  1. Like I said before, pho. Add a little sriracha, a zest of lemon, and a couple of mint leaves and it’s amazing.
  2. My family: my parents, my grandparents, my uncle, and my fish, Tom (my other fish, Jerry, died. RIP Jerry). I’m an only child btw.
  3. Books (Everyone, please go read Red Queen!!! It’s currently my favorite book and I’m obsessed!)
  4. My friends! Macow, Boon Cronies, my friend with the alien-shaped head, I am giving a shout-out to you guys because without you guys in my life, I would not be the person that I am today. <3
  5. Adventure. I am an adrenaline junky and am willing to try anything and everything! My life goal is to travel to as many places in this world as time will allow and with this trip to Nicaragua, I am one step closer to completing my goal.

I’d hate to make this intro sound like a resume but these activities are apart of my life and therefore, a part of me. At school, I am a member of the Lowell dragonboat team, the secretary for my school’s honors society, and a peer mentor for incoming ninth grade students. Outside of school, I have been playing the piano for over 10 years and have competed in several national competitions. My hobbies include reading, hiking, biking, and binge watching TV shows.

That’s all new friends! Thanks for reading and I look forward to bonding with you! #Leon2016

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