Hello parents and students!

I’m so glad to be joining you as a Global Glimpse Leader at the San Cristobal site in Dominican Republic!  Many of you are wondering who I am and why I was asked to join the delegation.

So let me start with this picture:

that’s me i11800325_800564390056476_3887986137227709711_nn the red shirt with the contemplating gaze.  Last year I was the Program Coordinator for the San Cristobal site and this picture was snapped at our visit to a coffee cooperative – my personal favorite component of the wonderful program that I, and my Site Manager, Sara, put together.  I had such a great experience – so much so that it is a testament that I chose to return in the capacity of a GGL when the opportunity presented itself just 10 days ago!

I believe that the model GG uses to execute its mission – that of turning our young adults into global citizens – is not only effective, but unique in that studentsIMG_20160205_141418353 get the chance to learn through first hand experience.  It’s that pairing of academic and experiential learning that fosters the kind of qualities that we value in society: self reflection, compassion, and most importantly leadership. As a father (that’s my son in the picture), I hope to foster that in my own child and I welcome the opportunity to work with your families to do the same.

To the parents: for some of us, eighteen days may feel like a lifetime to be apart from our kids, especially if its their first time traveling alone.  But the experience is invaluable.  When they return to you, you’ll notice it immediately.  Your kids will feel more confident in tackling life’s little challenges.  And don’t worry…they are in good hands.

To the students: eighteen days may feel like such a short time to be away. But in those 18 days you’ll have had such wonderful experiences and cemented life long memories, formed new friendships, and learned so much.  Get ready for an amazing summer…

See you soon.