After a three hour drive we arrived at our new home for the night. We, then, made our way to ASCALA, an organization run by nuns. Their mission was to help immigrants, mostly Hatian immigrants, throughout their process of obtaining a passport. This passport served as security from deportation.

After hearing about this injustice, we then visited the region of Batey Euskarduna where we learned about the sugarcane fields, but, more specifically, the undocumented Haitian workers. We spoke to a member of the community who described the hard labor and low wages they earned, because of their agreement with the privately owned sugar company. We got to try freshly cut sugarcane and topped the day off with a nightly swim in the pool.

P.S.Β  I’m having so much fun Mom and Dad I love and miss you all, hope your taking good care of Lily for me see you soon


P.P.S I love you misha