Hey everyone, it’s Priscila and Rubi as today’s leaders of the day! We started our day with breakfast and then headed for our 4-hour bus ride to Juan Dolio. While heading to Juan Dolio’s base house we had a restroom stop where we had very delicious coconuts. Once we got to the house we were all amazed by how beautiful the villa was with a pool, elegant furniture, and a big backyard. We had lunch at the villa, then headed to our speakers that are part of an organization called ASCALA. They informed us about their work and the struggles that immigrants from Haiti face when it comes to the labor workforce in the Dominican Republic. After, we took a tour of some sugarcane (caña) fields where we learned more about the mistreatment of immigrant workers. We all got to try some of the sugarcane, which was very tasty/sweet.

We came back to Juan Dolio and some of us enjoyed time in the pool during free time, others read and/or played games.

Now we are getting ready for a fun day.

Thank you so much for tuning in, we’ll update tomorrow!! 🙂