Today makes day 8 with Global Glimpse and today may be one of my best. Being leader today put me in a totally different perspective then every other day. Having everyone looking up to me and helping me along the day showed how much I can really trust my Global Glimpse family. I feel like I am learning something about these guys every day. As each day goes by I feel that I am growing closer to each and every one of them. They are hilarious, fun, lively, loud, and just amazing. I could’ve went on this trip with anybody, but I am so grateful it was with these guys.

Today the topic was immigration and we learned about the history and current state of immigration in the D.R. We discussed the recent policies that have caused some Dominicans with Haitian decent to become stateless. We did an immigration simulation where we pretended to be immigrants navigating the process to gain Dominican citizenship. People felt how annoying it was to wait in a long line, to be sent to somewhere else, to get papers they needed, and when they finally had all the papers, sent home because the first place was closed. Then we had a speaker, Edrice Joseph, who actually went through the immigration process to obtain his Dominican citizenship. Throughout the day we also discussed the similarities and differences of immigration practices in the U.S. and D.R.

Next we taught our English classes. My class was full of adults that are twice my age and are really fast learners. They really inspire me with their passion for learning English. They are the best class in my opinion. I even call one of them my brother.

Mom, Jaydah, and Kt: I really miss you. I think about you all every day. I love you guys and I can’t wait to see you all soon.

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