Buenas Noches from the San Juan delegation!

Lorice and Alejandro would like to recap what has happend on this really hectic day. Today, we have learned about the many predicaments that both Haitans and Dominicans have crossing the border. We learned that many of the people that try and pass the border have many problems with being abusively treated by the border patrol, and that’s where RFJS (Red Fronteriza Jano Sikse) came in to action where the founder Abraham Nova and his fellow teammates began to fight for the rights of those who cross the border. Not only does Mr. Nova’s organization work on the Dominican side, but also they have a few infrastructures in Haiti, which shows how the RFJS represents all humans not just Dominicans. The RFJS has so much respect from the both border patrols from both sides that they were able to get all of us to go through the border without being checked for any other type of paperwork. We were able to see the Haitan side of the border, were we saw the customs offices in Haiti, but we experienced the feeling of being outsiders because right when we got to the office one of the personnel asked what we were doing there. With that question we personally felt that we did not belong there and also that they were kind of untrusting of the Dominicans that had brought us there. After, being in the Haitan border we then proceeded to go to the hectic national market where many Haitans and Dominicans come to sell anything that you can imagine.

We closed the night with our nightly routine and passed the torch of “El Lider del Dia” to Takai Ginwright.