Dear Families of O1A Costa Rica Glimpsers,

We hope you all are well! We are reaching out with a flight update. As you know, your students are scheduled to return home today. We’re not sure if you’re following the news, but multiple airports and airlines have been experiencing immense flight delays and cancellations. 

At this time, the group’s flight from San Jose, Costa Rica to Houston, TX is delayed by 4 hours, meaning they’re at risk of missing their connecting flight from Houston to Chicago. There’s a possibility that the flight out of Houston is also delayed, meaning that there’s a chance the group could still make this flight even after they go through customs. We are doing everything we can through our contacts at United to ask United to hold the connecting flight, which they have done for us before for up to 90 minutes.

However, if they miss their flight in Houston, Global Glimpse, and United will work together with GG Leaders (Liz and Kel) to accommodate students and get them on a flight home as soon as possible. Your students will have their phones returned to them, so you’ll be able to keep up with them in the meantime. 

You can also track their United Flights flights directly for the most updated details on United’s Flight Tracker website.

Flight Information:

  • San Jose, Costa Rica to Houston: Flight # UA 1447 (now departing at 11:50amCST)
  • Houston,TX to Chicago, IL: Flight # UA 2676 (scheduled to depart at 4:20pmCDT)

I’ll be sure to update you expeditiously as we learn more. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility. You’ll be reunited soon, and it’s going to feel SO good! 

Big Love,

Cassidy & GG Team