Greetings from Global Glimpse alumni, Dania and Tyan! We’ve had the pleasure of returning to GG this summer as interns! We have the amazing opportunity to follow along with student reflections on the blog as they share their travel experiences. We’ve enjoyed reading how Glimpsers learned to expand their knowledge, develop their leadership skills, become global citizens, and return home empowered to contribute to their communities — just like we did!

We invite you to check out a few of our favorite blogs below and get inspired!


“Learning about the coffee and cheese industry of Costa Rica tied into the question and quote of the day. Global enterprise connects this small nation to a much larger economy, with the entire community coming together to make some of the finest products we enjoy around the world.” Read more…

This reflection highlights the interconnectedness of global enterprise and how communities work together to create products that impact the world. It emphasizes the significance of collaboration, sustainability, and the beauty of cultural exchange. The students are able to witness firsthand the power of unity and shared purpose in shaping industries that extend far beyond borders. As they explore the intricate processes behind coffee and cheese production, they gain insight into the dedication and hard work required to bring high-quality products to global markets. This experience instills in them a profound appreciation for the craftsmanship, tradition, and innovation that underpin these endeavors.



“I love being a GGL because each trip DOES change me. The experiences I had with the Glimpsers left core memories that pushed me to be a better self. Traveling takes me out of my Bay Area bubble to gain more compassion. Not only do I grow as a leader, but I learn further about what humanity is – connecting with others and building trust & relationships, coming together as a community, and experiencing both the joys and sadness of life. What’s even more powerful is that our students – these young adults – now also have these Global Glimpse experiences that continue to shape who they are and how they see the world. It gives me great hope that these thoughtful, worldly young adults are our future.Read more…

In this blog post, Global Glimpse Leader Samantha reflects on the profound impact of her trip on her personal growth and perspective. She grows as a leader and learns about genuine human connections, community, and life’s highs and lows. Samantha’s insight that these experiences have an impact on more than just herself, but especially the Glimpsers, provides her with a hopeful vision of a generation well-suited to navigate and contribute positively to the world.



“Throughout this whole experience, we have also appreciated the amount of love and attention that was put into everything, especially the meals. From our experience with the indigenous Pachamanca lunch to the elevated dinner at Nativa, we felt the difference in the taste of the food because of the close connection the community has with their land and ingredients. After the meal, Cesar gifted us one of his menus; we were surprised at the prices of his restaurant because, for such elevated cuisine, the prices were very low. It often feels that chefs in the US care more about money than the intention of connecting with the food that is used to nourish our bodies. Collectively, we agreed that a goal for us is to return home and to ensure we put more intention into the things that we do; not only for ourselves, but for the actions we do for others.” Read more…

As students give their farewell to the beautiful country of Ecuador, in this blog post they reflect on their time there and give appreciation to those that made this experience for them. They specifically reflect back on the food they experience and how different it tastes compared to food in the U.S. Sofia and Kayla reflect on the value of a community’s connection to its land and takeaway putting more intention into their own lives and actions.


“As you each move forward toward the next things filling your summer days – internships, classes, programs, creating art, seeing concerts, eating good pizza, etc. – my wish for each of you is that you are able to hold onto the dream of those two weeks. As you each move forward toward the next things filling your summer days – internships, classes, programs, creating art, seeing concerts, eating good pizza, etc. – my wish for each of you is that you are able to hold onto the dream of those two weeks…” Read more…

Although returning back home and being back in your bed is the best feeling, GG Leader John reflects back on his travels in Constanza and realizes something is missing… reminiscing on memories of playing card games and learning bachata, to the beautiful, luscious sights and hearing birds chirping, John reminds students to hold on to those beautiful memories created and lessons learned within those two weeks. This blog post demonstrates not only the impact of these trips on students, but also on our GG Leaders.


“I learned yesterday both how stressful and challenging but also beautiful and fun being a leader is. I was able to get a new perspective on how I take the leadership role, how the program looks like from a leading point of view, and how I need to acknowledge my achievements and successes. Yesterday was emotional and overwhelming because of my difficulty accepting the positives and solely focusing on the negatives. Yesterday, I learned that I need to work on accepting my positive actions and my confidence in positions of power. I plan to bring back a reflective mindset in order to be a better leader when I need it. I know that I will eventually need to be a good leader, so working on it now will only help me for future positions like this one.” Read more…

As leaders of the day, Dawn and Chris were able to gain a new perspective on how to take on a leadership role and reflect on the challenges that come along with this role. After reflecting on their challenges and successes as leaders, they were able to reflect on their role and gain a new perspective and growth mindset in how to become better leaders in the future. This blog demonstrates the importance of allowing our young people to step into roles like so, as they gain valuable skills to carry on beyond their Global Glimpse travel and into our world, making future world leaders!

A message from the authors:

Throughout this summer we got to read over 700 blog posts and wanted to capture some of the ones that inspired us! Reading through these blogs brought us back memories from our own trips and allowed us to relive some of these special moments just as our Glimpsers have experienced this year. From being Glimpsers ourselves to returning this summer as interns it really has been a full circle for both of us to continue being connected to Global Glimpse and be a part of the impactful work that can change a student’s life as it has done the same for us. We are both so grateful to have had this experience and be a part of this amazing team! We hope you have enjoyed these outstanding blogs and are just as inspired as we have been!

Dania and Tyan signing off!