Hello! Today, the Glimpsers went into the mountain region of Cancha to celebrate Inti Raymi which is sun festival in the indigenous language of kichwa. There we got a tour of the village, and we got to talk to the people who live there. There was a ceremony to thank nature for providing bountiful harvests. Lunch was a pampamesa which is just a community meal where we the food was laid out on the table(no the food wasn’t on plates), and we all just dug in. We enjoyed the view from the mountain. When we got back to our hostel, we took a very serious dance class, and it was very hard. We also taught the teachers the chicken dance. Honestly, it’s awesome how it’s only day two and the group is already as close as a family.

Hey mom I’m doing great. I’m having a lot fun. Also, Neelyn says “hey mom.”