Hello everyone, my name is Raman Khanal and I am currently attending Central High School in Springfield, MA. I was born in Nepal so I am literally from the top of the world (Mount Everest is there for anyone that didn’t already know). I came to the U.S. when I was 3 years old and I was raised here. So, I’ve never been outside of the country since I came here and I thought that Global Glimpse would be a great first trip to go explore a new country and help those that live there.

I know this blog post is late but I didn’t know exactly what to write and I am a procrastinator as well so sorry about that. I like computers and hope to eventually pursue a career in computer science and cybersecurity. I like traveling, exploring, and doing new things so I think this trip will be great for that.

I am excited to meet you all and explore this new place together! See you all at the airport!