Hey Glimpser Families and Friends!

Today we concluded our Community Action Project after days of planning and execution. The cohort was divided into several teams to work on different areas of the site, including a playground wall, a pathway, an entrance wall, and touch-ups on tires and signs.

We were met with a few roadblocks during our project as the weather changed drastically from hour to hour. Brushes were getting dirty, and in the latter half of the day, the cohort was dispersing. But as the deadline grew closer and we had to finish, the group pulled together to finish the remaining mural on the entrance wall. What was left was a mural of children playing sports labeled “ALCANZAR LAS ESTRELLAS” by the front door. On the site itself, the playground now has a mural with the alphabet, letters, emotions, animals, and other stimulating images. The pathway to the horse motor therapy is now painted with stripes of yellow, red, and blue to create a more welcoming environment for the children. THE FOG THE FOG THE FOG THE FOG THE FOG THE FOG THE FOG THE FOG THE FOG THE FOG Additionally, the signs by the therapy dog houses are now retouched.

We presented all of these to the admins of the organization, who thanked us and gave out pens as a remembrance gift, thus completing the CAP project. Afterwards, we returned to the hotel and relaxed until dinnertime. For dinner, Isabel made steak and rice alongside a salad with carrots and broccoli. Alongside this, we enjoyed pan con queso and colada morala customary of the Ecuadorian Day of the Dead. Ethan will be our leader of the day for the 2nd time in a row. For his talent this time he sang a song and Michael our newest leader, recited a poem he wrote.

Ahead, we look forward to our final two reflection days as we wrap up our time in Ecuador!

See you soon! Stay slay 😜