(UPDATED at 12:50 am with new flight information)

Hello Parents & Guardians of Delegation JA2A,

There has been a critical change to your student’s return flight home tonight. Midway through the group’s flight from Newark to San Francisco, they were rerouted to Chicago due to a mechanical issue with the plane. The delegation is being rebooked on a flight from Chicago to San Francisco in the morning; unfortunately, the delegation will be spending the night there and will not be arriving home tonight. I am in close contact with the GGLs who are demonstrating perseverance and compassion to keep your students feeling safe and secure.

(UPDATED) Here is the CURRENT flight status for UA 343:

  • Students are due to arrive at SFO on United flight 343 at 11:40am PT
  • Please remember to pick up students about 30 minutes after they land. This allows them time to deplane and collect their checked luggage at baggage claim. All students should be picked up at the SFO Terminal 3 United baggage claim area.

The group decided to spend the night at the airport given that they would get minimal rest if they traveled to an offsite hotel and had to return within 6 hours for their new flight. United has provided meal vouchers for each student and GGL.

Students’ cell phones were returned to them at the start of their return travel this morning so they can send you personal updates. Please be mindful that your anxieties and frustrations can influence your student; while these feelings are entirely understandable, it is best for everyone involved if the group can maintain a positive mentality and focus on the most important things – that they are safe and have the plan to come home!

Global Glimpse staff will continue to monitor all JA2A travel until the delegation is home safe and sound. We will send another update if anything changes regarding the new flight or the expected arrival time. For now, please rest assured that your child is in good hands, and hang on to your excitement to welcome them home tomorrow. Thank you for your patience and understanding.