Hello families of JA2A,

We just wanted to leave a quick blog with return flight information for both halves of the students tomorrow. 5 students will be departing from Newark tomorrow with Ms. Warmsley in the morning and 12 students will be departing in the afternoon with Ms. Jones. Unfortunately due to the rebooking, United was unable to get the entire group on the same return flight. Your student’s flight information is updated in their portal account but here it is as well.

Group #1 with Ms. Warmsley (Ko-shin, Erika, Skylar, Sheyla, & Betzaida)

UA Flight 1991 Departing Newark at 10:00am ET arriving in San Francisco at 1:04pm PT

Group #2 with Ms. JonesĀ  (everyone else!)

UA Flight 395 Departing Newark at 3:40pm ET arriving in San Francisco at 6:42pm PT