This is Sophia and Aneli coming to you guys live (not really though) from JARABACO-AAA! Today has been an all-around roller coaster of emotions starting at 7 a.m in the morning. We woke up to cereal for breakfast to then had a 3-hour seminar. In our seminar, we expressed our greatest highlights of the trip as our CAP project came to an end yesterday. We shared big love for each other showing gratitude, appreciation, and affection. Today we had come to the realization that we are now parting ways and it was time to celebrate.

We had a great time exploring the city with our GG Leaders, from buying souvenirs, iced coffee, smoothies and to going thrift shopping. After a long day, we went out for dinner to go eat PIZZA. We then bought a cake for Lorena to celebrate her birthday and we got a HUGE sugar rush from it AND Coca Cola.

For that, we had a teteo (party) in the bus as you can see below. We lead our nightly meeting with all roses and no thorns. We are so grateful for being Lideres del Dia as we take in our last day. And now, we are preparing ourselves mentally and physically for tomorrow’s long journey back home. Therefore, we have to log out and say goodnight 🙂