My name is Aolanni Jimenez, and I am currently a junior at Dougherty Valley High School in San Ramon but lived in Hayward/Union City for a good portion of my life! I am first generation Mexican-American, and I am fluent in Spanish! A little about meee, I work at TJmaxx and In n Out so I’m a pretty busy but ensure to focus on my academics. You’ll either catch me going on walks with my dog Benito (my little Shih Tzu) or watching some of my favorite shows, Friends, The Office etc and going to concerts! I’m a huge niners fan and love soccer, Viva Mexico! I started my own crystal wire-wrapped jewelry business in February 2021. After my senior year, I am looking forward to going to a four-year university and majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology, and then going to law school to become an immigration attorney.

I am very excited to visit la Republica Dominicana, because I’ve only ever visited Mexico and can’t wait to learn more about their culture and be apart of their community for the next two weeks 🙂 I cannot wait to meet all of you guys and bond throughout this trip and believe this will be a great learning experience and such an amazing opportunity but also so much fun! I’ll make sure to bring snacks lol.

-Aolanni Jimenez 🙂