Hello everybody,

We got them. Well at least the four Summer Search students from Seattle and Philadelphia. We were supposed to pick up all the students for the last delegation (M2C), but due to technical problems not the whole group could make it to Nicaragua today. So the PC’s headed to Managua Airport for the Summer Search students who were flying from Miami. We met them around noon and after a lunch at the airport we went to Matagalpa. A two hour ride from the airport.

Once we arrived we did the check in and they had their first Nicaraguan dinner. Chicken with rice and tajada. And like all the nights we are going to┬ádo a Nightly Meeting, so that’s what we did. A nightly meeting only for the four students, which we ended with a Unity Clap.


Tomorrow we will go all together to pick the rest of M2C up from the airport. And then we can say: “So it begins!” The final and last delegation of Global Glimpse in 2017. Like they say. Save the best for last!!


Maryuleth and Silvan