Today, we woke up and ate breakfast, then we went to go work at the CAP(Community Action Project) site for 3-4 hours. After eating lunch, we did a big love to the people we were working with and said a final goodbye to them. We had a choice to make either go to the waterfall or go back to La Salle. Both leaders stayed at La Salle and nominated leaders from the other group to make sure to take care of everyone who was going to the waterfall. When everyone came back, we ate dinner and had hamburgers and fries, and then we had the nightly meeting where the new leaders of the day, Timothy and Sabrina, were nominated. After that, we had a bonfire and ate burned marshmallows and some started dancing to older Disney music as well as a number of line dances (Chacha slide, Wobble, and more). In the end, we all had fun together and we learned that when someone starts something small it can become something even bigger with the help of a community.