Heyyyyyyyy family and friends, how are you today?!!!

Today was sadly the last day of our CAP (Community Action Project)! What a bummer, but we finally FINISHED!! We have truly worked so hard these past three days in contributing to the Escuela Aquiares (Aquiares School) with any task they needed us to do. We started off the day VERY early in order to have everyone out the door by 8 in the morning to make it the school on time. Lucky for us, the walk to the school from our house is about 10 minutes, so we were able to get to the school on time to help the moms and teachers set up more decorations in the outside court for the kids that were going to arrive soon. Today, the school was celebrating its 199 years of Annexation! We were soo happy that we got to experience this beautiful celebration with the kids and their families. During the celebration, the mothers set up some booths, selling muy delicioso food and candy including empanadas, churros, horchata, and more!! We loved the variety of foods so much, and we are pretty sure we wasted all of our money (colones) on it.. oops lol. In the meantime, some of the kids were getting dressed up in their cultural Costa Rican clothing for their performances. We were all in awe while watching the students perform their beautiful and traditional dances for all of us to see, and wow, they did so well!! As soon as the celebration ended, we all made sure to clean up and put back any chairs or tables that were used. we then finished off by bringing out the poles, painting them, painting the bricks behind the bleachers, and just leaving the court nice and clean, which is how it should be and how we finished off our day at the school. We were all relieved at the end that it was our last day working on the school and building because we were relieved not to have to face the heavy rain or hot weather. It was so nice to see how happy the kids were today at the celebration. It was also fun getting to talk and play with them, making new friends, and eating yummy food! We walked back home from our eventful day, (sadly) said our last goodbyes to the kids we play volleyball and soccer with for the past two weeks, and finished up our CAP debriefs and evaluations. Tonight we have a lot planned since it is our last night here! We are all excited for our Speed Tournament today, a new card game some of us picked up here, and can’t wait to see who wins! Tomorrow we will be having a very busy day ahead of us, as it will be our last day here.

Goodnight. Love T and Lo!



Personal Messages:

btw Hi Mom, I love and miss you, even though I know you don’t know how to comment on these types of things –  Lorelei

omg I don’t even know what to say, all I know is I miss you guys soooo so much Mom, Dad, and everyone else I love back home. Can’t wait to see you guyss!!!!! – TT