Hey y’all,

Tomorrow we will be traveling back home 🙁 . Traveling to Riobamba, Ecuador has been a great experience and we’ve enjoyed our time here. I, along with my peers, have learned many things on this trip, like how hot water is a luxury. There are not enough words to describe the experience that we’ve had here but in short, this has been an eye opening and beautiful trip. We have explored the mountain tops and the city streets, we have met many different Ecuadorians and gotten the chance to learn how they operate every day. We embraced their culture with open arms and most importantly each other. We have a created a bond with each other that time nor distance can break. I’m thankful for this trip but more importantly the people that I’ve met on this trip, they are truly amazing and I love each and everyone. Even so, it’s safe to say we all miss home, so with that said family and friends we’ll see you soon.

Parents of Chicago kids, we will arrive to Panama City at 5:09pm, we have about an hour and a half layover and then we depart from Panama City at 6:36pm. We will arrive to Chicago at 12:15am on Tuesday July 18th :).

Parents of New York kids, we will arrive to Panama City at 5:09pm and then we will have about an hour layover and then depart from from Panama City at 6:19pm. We will arrive to New York at 12:35am :).

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