Time flies by and the very last day is here.

Today we started the day with some pancakes and eggs for breakfast at 8:00am. Then we had a lot of activities for our final reflection, including our very last big love.

Afterward, we had lunch at 12:00 and the cooks prepared a delicious rice dish with meat for us. Later we had some time to finish packing and have some downtime as well.

When we were ready to leave, students gave beautiful thank you cards to Memo and I. Memo had to say goodbye and we started our journey back to San Jose.

We enjoyed the view one last time!

Within two hours we arrived at the hotel and had downtime till dinner, and after, our very last nightly meeting. Everybody went to bed and woke up at 4:00 am to leave for the airport.

Here we say goodbye to the amazing journey we had, I hope you enjoyed and learned as much as you could. Use the tools and information that were provided to you to grow and collaborate in your own community. You are leaders of change, and a beautiful group to work with. I’m gonna miss you all very much. Be good and do good.

Pura Vida, Fabi.