Hello families and friends!

Today we are spending few more hours in Leon before we head back to our families. The past two and half weeks have been extremely exciting and adventerous for all the glimpsers. With only few hours left for our departure, we all are feeling bittersweet. All of will miss the culture of Nicaragua and all the wonderful  people we have connected to on this journey.

Today we started off our morning by me waking up everyone at 7 am, followed by our last breakfast at Imabite, where we enjoyed some delicious pancakes and a dragonfruit drink. I gave a thank you speech to Angel on behalf of all the glimpsers for all of his hardwork. Then we returned to the hostal where we had an energizer to get everyone ready for the day and begin packing. After the energizer, everyone began their packing and enjoyed some free time by visiting the Central Park and spending the last few hours hanging out at the hostal. We enjoyed Pizza as our last lunch in Nicaragua with some Ice-cream. All the glimpers are ready to board on the bus in next couple of minutes and head out to the airport in Managua.

We will arrive at the airport around 3:30 pm and our flight will depart 5:30 pm. The glimpsers will be arriving at SF airport at 12 am  and we will be coming out of the airport around 1 am after going through immigration and customs. Another blog post continues the specific flight information.

We are super excited to come back home and bring the unforgetable lessons and memories to the states.