Hey everyone!

Today was the final day of our CAP project. In the course of three days, we were able to help a community in need. Today, we finished assembling the bookshelves that would help students store their heavy books and prevent theft. It was super fulfilling to see the community work together to complete these projects that clearly meant a lot to them. The smiles on their faces after seeing the final results were priceless.

After finishing and getting all cleaned up after a full three days of working, we were able to have a couple hours of free time to roam around the city for the last time. After coming back and finishing packing, we got to have a FUN meal for dinner!

Please don’t forget that our flight lands on Monday, July 22nd at 11:42am at the San Francisco Airport. The flight is UA 1998. Thank you to everyone that has been following our journey through these blog posts. It means a lot to us. See you all soon, we miss you!