On June 19th, we have finished our last fun day. We ended it by going to a beautiful lagoon called Laguna de Apoyo, exquisite hostel called Monkey Hut, and colorful city called Mirador de Catarina. Although the day was aimed towards entertaining us, it has also taught us a lesson on the difference between the U.S. and Nicaragua. For example, the Monkey  Hut was relatively small and close to the resort. Surrounding the resort are just tree for about 5 kilometers. In the U.S., cities would be built around the resort. So, I though it was thoughtful how Nicaragua cared about its natural habitats and doesn’t pollute it with restaurants and souvenir shops. By being leader of the day, I learned many new things and conquered fears and weaknesses. I was able to interact and communicate better with not only my peers but also the GG leaders. The thing that surprised me the most was that I already was ready to be the capable leader the group needs. I was flustered on how well I did. However, my peers and GG leaders both supported and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and take initiative. I am proud of my peers for looking out for each other as swimming in the lagoon was fun but also quite dangerous. It showed the compassion and care we have for each other. I was inspired  the most by one of my peers. Although, he was injured and couldn’t swim, he made the best out of the solution to have fun. It really showed me how enduring my peers are and how much compassion they have as they did not want to spoil other people’s fun. The leadership role was a tiring experience, but it was also very rewarding. Taking control and leading the group takes way more than just ordering people around. You have to show compassion for your peers as no one will listen to you if you don’t first listen to them. Through being the leader of the day, I was able to change myself. I was able to explore a self that I never knew I had. I did things I thought would be impossible before. By doing so, I become more confident in myself.